It wasn't a conscious decision to select wildlife as my main subject, but for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the natural world and felt compelled to capture it.  Quite often I keep the background in my wildlife work simple, so as to not detract main subject and to enhance the exciting interplay between light and dark. 

I am a proud supporter of wildlife conservation, and through sales of my work have raised over £6000 for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation from 2019 - 20.





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What is Acrylic & Resin?

If you have been browsing through the above artwork, you may have noticed that many of the pieces have 'Acrylic & Resin' listed as their medium. What this means is that the painting has been completed in acrylic paints on wood panel and sealed with a layer of clear resin.


The resin provides the artwork with a contemporary high-gloss finish and enhances the colours of the painting in a way that traditional varnishes cannot. This medium is difficult to master and is rarely seen, so it has proved to be extremely popular with those who are looking for something a bit different and makes a strong impact.